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"That's what's so great about this sort of shop. You get to interact with the product. You get to taste it all! You can taste it before you buy it." At The Cheese Box (across the cobblestone from Rachel The Pig) Ari and his crew, "Would like to show you cheeses that change your mind. Blow your mind."

Are you considering visiting Pike Place but need help figuring out where to start? We got you, Boo. The "Madinah In The Market" immersive radio show offers a glimpse beyond the high stalls with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and engaging commentary. Tune in as she captures the essence of community, entrepreneurship, and culinary delight for more than 2.5 million listeners across the Puget Sound.

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Ep_2: Keep It Funky

Feature Guest:

Seattle's Only Independent Dedicated Cheese Shop

1508 Pike Place - Unit B Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 636-7556

Take me to The Cheese Box counter.

  • A. Yes, you're gouda this.

  • B. Cheddar days are here!

  • C. Yep, and where can I find it?

The Cheese Box at The Pike Place Market is nestled between Oriental Mart, Frank's Quality Produce, and Shy Giant Frozen Yogurt. Tap the interactive map to plan your next trip to visit the industry specialists. Then, we’ll tour the limited run specialty cheeses (photo gallery) before Swissing it up with our Keep It Funky listener giveaway:

This is a quad-style reality radio show and we don't do filters. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues, witty signage and exceptional selection of The Cheese Box's "international & local cheeses, and cheese accompaniments." My personal favs are the “Calling All Detroit Pizza Fans” Brick Cheese and Apple 🍏 "Almost" Balsamic Vinegar. Eww, chile. 🫠

You're digging the vibes but still need a gentle nudge, right? MSM partnered with The Cheese Box to slip a special gift in the invitation of one lucky winner...

Show Credits

Release: 22 April 2024

Produced by: Madinah S., MSN, RN

Original Manuscript: M.S.

Illustrations by: M.S.

Video/Photo-graphy: M.S. Audio Engineer: M.S.

Photo Credit: Tripp Page_Visit His Website Here 🔥

Music c/o (iooa):

Captain Joz: Ima B Da Baddest

Raz Burg: Moonlit Fiesta

Gidon Shocken: I Owe It To You - Instrumental

Raviv Leibzirer: Für Elise

Shinto: Sun Love

John Dada & the Weathermen: Darkness

Doner & Tie: Ocean Whistle Yarim Primak: NO CAP - No Lead Vocals

Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat: Wandering Caterpillar - Scene 1

Special Thanks 

The Cheese Box at The Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Marketing and Public Relations Department Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority (PDA)

How often do you visit Pike Place? Which boutiques, restaurants or shops would you like to explore on the next episode of Madinah In The Market?


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